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Discover Heritage and Modernity

Inayat Diamonds tries to maintain a balance between the traditional and modern-day moods, where design aesthetics and commercial sensibilities are married together to come up with first-class products.

about Inayat diamonds

“At Inayat, we are blessed to have a strong and professional team, who readily backs all our endeavours. We ensure that our clients are offered products that are segregated across various collections. I feel jewellery is a very personal thing – it should tell a story about the person wearing it. Keeping this in mind, whether your choice is modern, traditional or classy; we have it all.”

Sahil Aggarwal


Did you know that the most important of the 4Cs is cut? This is because it has the greatest influence on a diamond's sparkle.



The second most important of the 4Cs is Colour, which refers to a diamond's lack of colour. Colourless diamond means higher the grade.



Clarity is often touted as the least important of the 4Cs, because the tiny imperfections are often microscopic.



Did you know that the term Carat actually refers to the diamond's total weight and not its size?



A diamond ring is an iconic symbol of commitment. At Inayat we have a wide variety of designs available for you to select from. Choose your diamond’s carat, colour, cut, and clarity from our elaborate collection.


At Inayat, we have a wide variety of designs with different patterns, shapes, sizes and prices. Anyone with a decent budget can leave happily from our store carrying the desired diamond necklace that you always wished to wear.


Diamonds are a symbol of purity and eternity. All earrings no matter how stylish and edgy the craftsmanship is look dull and boring without diamonds. At Inayat, there are many different designs to choose from, keeping in mind your style quotient and personality.

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